Pieces of Advice

Piece of Advice for Morocco Travelers :

It is really useful and helpful to know some piece of advice before traveling to anywhere in the world. We always do our best to provide you dear guests with several important advice you need to know before joining any tour or activity in Morocco country.

  1. It is better to book a private tour than join big group tour. Even a group tour is cheaper but not satisfied and you will find different difficulties during your trip; no time, no good accommodations, low service and accept rules of group. Private tour; you are free, you can stop where you want, no people you don’t know in car, good accommodations and your own guide.
  2. If you drive yourself from Marrakech to Merzouga desert, I would recommend to spend one night in half way (Ouarzazate or Dades) because Merzouga desert is far away from Marrakech and if you drive directly you will miss sunset and wonderful view of afternoon in sand dunes and you must be tired.
  3. We advise you if you want to experience real Sahara desert with beautiful big sand dunes to visit ‘Merzouga’ desert not ‘Zagora’ desert. But if you don’t have time and you want to experience camel trek and any desert you can take short trip of 2 days to Zagora desert.
  4. We suggest to visit Morocco for holiday in spring when lots of Morocco is lush and green, the weather is warm and the views are awesome.
  5. Bargaining in souks (markets) is normal and it is an intrinsic part of Morocco culture, so treat bargaining as friendly game.
  6. It is better for you to book your tour and accommodations, at least before a month or two to avoid any troubles and before the prices getting high.
  7. We advise you to drink mineral water and not water that local drink, because it may makes you disease in your belly. Bottle of 1,5 letters mineral-water costs 6 to 10 Dirhams depends where you buy it ( restaurant or public shop).
  8. If you travel to Morocco in winter, you should prepare for that by bringing warm clothes including jackets and gloves if you will ride camels in Sahara. In winter, most places in Morocco are very cold especially from December to beginning of March. It’s better to visit Morocco in (from March to May or from September to November).
  9. We advise you not kissing your wife or girlfriend in front of Moroccans, especially family because Morocco is Islamic country and it is abnormal and shame for some citizens.
  10. My last advise to you there guests is: Enjoy your Morocco Tour.


For more piece of Advice and Tips concerning your stay in Morocco, feel free tocontact us.

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